Explaining The Web Development Life Cycle

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Published: 11th June 2012
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It is very important to follow a proper web development life cycle to create high quality web solutions that are able to fulfill all the business requirements of clients. A development life cycle is not restricted to web solutions only. In-fact, it is an integral requirement for all kind of product and solution development. There are many software development life cycles that can be implemented by a web development company to create and deploy solutions to its clients.

However, a general explanation of web development life cycle would include following phases:

Requirement Analysis: The first and perhaps the most critical phase of web development life cycle is the requirement analysis phase. The service provider whom you outsource PHP development project will start collecting all the requirements of your project as soon as you start discussing your project with them and share your expectations from the solution. Business analysts will start conducting a preliminary analysis of the projects requirements to churn a further development methodology. It is very important that the software development company understands your business clearly as the web solution that they develop will be serving your business purposes.

Evaluating Specifications: Once the requirements are gathered and understood, the project enters into its next Phase. The second phase involves creation of a list of specifications for the solution required. The specifications include a layout of the website along with some information about web pages such as the number of web pages, whether they would be static or dynamic, their navigational structure and some other general information. Further, the requirements are analyzed and necessary technologies required for developing the solution are also specified. Once the service provider has documented all the specifications, a formal proposal is forwarded to the clients for their approval.

Web Design And Development: Once the proposal is accepted by the client, developers and designers start working on the project. All the written material on the website is usually provided by the client whereas the design of the website is also required to be approved by the client before the project can move any further. This phase can be very long or short depending upon the complexity and quantity of the requirements. Further, the design and development skills of the resources is tested and displayed in this phase. There might be many iterations, additions or removals in the solutions during this phase.

Coding or Programming: Next comes the coding phase where the required functionalities of the website are implemented into it. The programmers are required to include the necessary code without disturbing the design and layout of the website. Experienced programmers are needed to create dynamic websites integrated with high-end web applications which can provide proper audience engagement. Web developer India are one of the best choices for unique and complex web projects.

Testing And Maintenance: Once all the functionalities have been integrated in the website it is time to send it in the next phase, i.e. testing. It is a well known fact that no software can be developed without some errors or bugs in it. The testing phase makes sure that the solution is bug free and is executed smoothly. However, all the bugs are still not eradicated as some will surface only after the solution has been launched. The maintenance services offered by the vendor make sure that any issues or error reports that surface after the launch of the solution are properly attended and solved.

Best web solutions are developed when each phase of the software development life cycle is properly completed. By following the above mentioned phases in a proper sequence you can definitely develop high quality solutions that can effectively do what they are supposed to do.

Amy Patrix is an expert in web and mobile technologies and is currently associated with Xicom Technologies. Xicom is a leading software development company supported by more than 500 offshore clients who outsource PHP developmentand software development requirements to it. Amy is a voracious reader, avid writer and expert web developer India.

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